This article provides an overview of the development and validation of the Student Tool for Technology Literacy (ST2L). Developing valid and reliable objective performance measures for monitoring technology literacy is important to all organizations charged with equipping students with the technology skills needed to successfully participate in and contribute to a digital and global society. The purpose of the ST2L is to measure student technology literacy for low-stakes purposes of reporting aggregated school results, curricular planning, and students’ self-assessment of technology skills. This article reports the development procedures and results of the pilot test conducted with eighth grade students (N = 1,561) to validate the functioning of this online, interactive tool. Analyses focused on item difficulty and discrimination by ability groups, completion time analysis, internal consistency reliability, and construct validity. ST2L was found to be a sound assessment tool for the intended purpose of low-stakes assessment of technology literacy. (Keywords: technology literacy, middle school, performance assessment, validation, student perceptions)

APA reference: Hohlfeld, T. Rizhaupt, A., & Barron, A. (210). Development and validation of the student tool for technology literacy (ST2L). Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 42(4), 361–389.

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