General Inquiries

If you have questions about the ISTE U courses, please contact For general ISTE questions or issues with your course purchase please contact ISTE Customer Service.

If you do plan to participate in our ISTE U community, please familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions.

What happens after I register for a course?

After you have registered and paid for your course, you will receive email notification from ISTE with a digital copy of your receipt within 24 hours of your course purchase.

  • If paying with a purchase order, please note that order finalization and course access may be delayed up to 24 business hours for verification purposes.
  • If you do not receive this notification within 24 hours or have questions regarding your order confirmation, please contact ISTE Customer Service.

Where can I find the course I just purchased?

You can find your purchased course on our learning management system (LMS) at You will first need to login and can then view your purchased course under the ‘My Courses’ section on the homepage.

Note: Please allow 3-4 minutes after the time of your purchase for it to be fully processed.

If I have registered for my course, can I start right away?

After purchasing a course, participants can log in and access the LMS, where the course lives. For instructor-led courses, you won’t receive access to the course content until the official start date. Please visit the course’s webpage to confirm the start dates of your course.

If you would like additional information on the course, please review the abbreviated syllabus located on the course webpage.

How do I drop a course and request a refund?

In general, full refunds can be offered before the official start date of the course and partial refunds can be made within the first week. Please review the ISTE U Terms and Conditions for refund request policies.

How do I transfer a course registration that I intentionally paid for a colleague?

If you would like to transfer a course registration you purchased to another colleague, please reach out to our Customer Support team at Please provide the following information when you reach out:

  • Name and email address of colleague
  • Name of course and session
  • Confirmation that you have not engaged with the course via your own ISTE account.


What information is needed to process a group enrollment?

Complete our Group Registration Inquiry form to get this process started. Once complete, an ISTE U team member will reach out with additional information and steps. Information that is needed to process a group enrollment includes:

  • Final tally count of educators you would like to enroll
    Note: if you enroll a group of 10 or more participants, you will be eligible for our 25% group enrollment discount.
  • If registering for an instructor-led course, please provide the name of the course and which session you would like to enroll in (ex. Spring, Summer, Fall).

How do I register myself if I am part of a group enrollment?

The individual that purchased a group enrollment for you will have received instructions from our ISTE U team that they will share with individuals to self-register. Instructions include a link to the course item and code to input at checkout to change the price to $0 (because the group enrollment purchaser has already paid).

Once checkout is complete, you will have fully registered for your course and can access it at

My discount/group enrollment code didn’t work. What should I do?

Before reaching out for additional assistance, we ask that you please first check the following:

  • There is only 1 item in your cart
  • Ensure you selected the right course to utilize discount code/group enrollment code (discount code won’t work if it’s the wrong item)
  • It isn’t past the deadline to register for your course, as indicated in the instructions your group enrollment purchaser shared with you

If you’ve checked all of these and are still experiencing difficulties, please email our Customer Support team at


How do I report a technical issue (such as a typo, broken link, problems with graphics, etc.) within my course?

On your main course navigation bar, select ‘LMS Support’ to view LMS-related FAQs or submit a Support Ticket using the form listed on that page.

For us to enhance your learning experience, we greatly value and appreciate your feedback.

How does an instructor support my learning?

Some ISTE U courses include an instructor who is there for you as the course proceeds. These instructors are leaders in the fields you’ll be studying and will do their best to enrich your engagement with the material.

Your instructor will send regular communications, participate in discussion forums, and provide feedback and grades on assignments. You are welcome to reach out to your instructor at any time for additional content or course-related questions.

How are my assignments graded?

Some of the assignments within your course may be formally graded by your instructor, who will also determine your final grade in the course. Quizzes will be graded automatically by the LMS system, administered by our ISTE U team. For questions regarding the grading of your course assignments, please contact your ISTE U instructor.


I learned a lot in this course! Can I share course content with people outside of the course?

You are welcome to use any of the external resources (external videos from YouTube, websites, articles, etc.) that we include in the course to share with others and encouraged to share your takeaways and general frameworks from the course with your colleagues.

However, we ask that you do not share content and videos that were directly developed for the purpose of a course. Those are owned by ISTE and only available to course participants


Where can I register for graduate-level credit?

ISTE partners with Dominican University of California for issuing graduate-level credit for some ISTE U courses. After completing the first module of your course, an announcement titled “Graduate-Level Credit Registration” will be sent to participants that will include a link to the graduate-level credit form.

How do I earn graduate-level credit or CEUs?

Graduate-level credit will be offered by ISTE U graduate partner(s) at an additional fee. These partner(s), not ISTE, will provide the credit. Participants should visit the respective webpage of the ISTE U graduate partner(s) for additional registration information and guidance on obtaining credit, and for that institution’s general policies regarding graduate-level credit.

  • Please note that approval for professional learning and determination of credit (continuing education units, professional development points, etc.) toward licensure renewal are based on individual state and/or school district policies.
  • For more information about your individual professional learning requirements, (including the number of hours needed, approved institutions for CEUs or PDPs, and how to apply graduate-level credit toward CEUs or PDPs) contact your local education agency or state education agency for approval and submission requirements prior to registering for credit.

How is graduate-level credit beneficial to me?

ISTE believes in helping teachers grow in their careers and digital proficiency by offering courses eligible for graduate-level credit. Often, graduate-level credit is obtained for primarily post-baccalaureate purposes. This means that it is primarily used for professional development or salary advancement and is transferable to degree programs only with the approval of the institution being petitioned at the request of the individual enrolled in that program.

I finished the course, but don’t see my certificate of completion. Why is that?

Usually, this means you have yet to complete the course or your instructor has not yet graded all of your assignments. Before reaching out for additional assistance, we ask that you please first check the following:

  • You’ve scored 80% or higher on all course assignments & quizzes.
  • You have visited and engaged in every module the course has to offer.
  • All of your assignments are graded and feedback from instructor is addressed.

If you have checked the items listed above and believe you have completed the course, yet still not seeing your certificate of completion, please email our team at


Why can’t I complete the quizzes & assignments in the course I’m enrolled in?

The reason why you can’t complete quizzes or assignments is because your completion deadline has passed and your level of access to the course has been changed to ‘read-only’. This happens automatically when the last day to complete the course has passed. If you haven’t completed the course and missed the deadline to earn your certificate of completion, you can either:

  • Request an extension and provide reasoning to your instructor and our team.
  • Transfer into the next course session offering for a $30 transfer fee (for instructor-led courses only).

What should I do if I need to request an extension for my course?

Participants must complete their course within the given time frame. You may request a two-week extension by contacting your ISTE U instructor who will then grant you permission. Extensions are granted at the discretion of the course instructor and may require a fee depending on timing of request.

How long will I have access to my course resources once I have completed my course?

The course content, your submitted assignments, the learning community and your e-portfolio will be accessible for up to one year after the original start date of the course. The course will revert to a read-only status after you complete the course, but you will still have access until the one year post-course period ends.