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From Preservice to Inservice Teaching: A Study of Technology Integration

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Publication type: Journal Article
Citation:  JCTE, 2005; 22(2): 49-55


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This study examines how social studies preservice teachers use pedagogical and technological applications and skills employed during their teacher education program, specifically the methods block. Data were collected from the methods course experience through student teaching and then through case study research with first-year teachers. Results indicate that technology skills and processes learned were transferred through time; however, expectations for teaching with technology and perceived chal-lenges of doing so were complex. Participants in the study were more likely to emulate what “they were taught” than to apply individual creative technology integration plans. Common barriers to using technology in the classroom identified in the literature (Berson, 1996; Whitworth & Berson, 2003; Butler & Sellborn, 2002) were present; however, the researchers believe there is a need to enhance teacher education programs and teacher induction programs to include diverse technology integration experiences, and specifically, creative ideas to address barriers of using technology in the classroom and increasing the ability to think outside the box.