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Educational Computing Concernsof Postsecondary Faculty

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Publication type: Journal Article
Citation:  JRTE, 2002; 34(3): 285-303


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This study examines teachers’ concerns related to the integration of technology into teachingpractices and compares these concerns with professional and ancillary demographic variables.The study was conducted during the third year of a five-year computer integration innovationcycle. The results identified two groups: nonusers and users midway through the innovationprocess. Comparison based on academic task area revealed that for the areas Biglan (1973)described as hard and applied particpants exhibited higher-order concerns and higher inte-gration levels than other academic task areas. A correlation existed among attendance offaculty development activities, integration level, and higher-order concerns. Ancillary demo-graphic data revealed correlations among gender, age, and teaching experience when com-pared with concern, integration level, and attendance of faculty development activities. Fe-males, young faculty, and faculty with less teaching experience expressed higher-order concernsand higher computer integration into teaching practices. (Keywords: academic task area, changebarriers, faculty development, postsecondary, technology integration.)