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A Meta-Analysis Examining the Impact of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Postsecondary Statistics Education: 40 Years of Research

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Publication type: Journal Article
Citation:  JRTE, 2010; 43(3) 253


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The present meta-analysis is a comprehensive investigation of the effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) on student achievement in postsecondary statistics education across a forty year period of time. The researchers calculated an overall effect size of 0.566 from 70 studies, for a total of 219 effect-size measures from a sample of n = 40,125 participants. á¼€ese results suggest that the typical student moved from the 50th percentile to the 73rd percentile when technology was used as part of the curriculum. This study demonstrates that subcategories can further the understanding of how the use of CAI in statistics education might be maximized. The study discusses implications and limitations.