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Universal Design for Learning (Feb 2013)

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Length: Six weeks
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This course runs from February 19 through March 29, 2013

The principles of Universal Design for Learning provide educators with a framework to plan lessons to make instruction accessible to every student. In this course, we will work through six weeks of online activities. All of the activities are designed to further the team goal of experiencing free technology to help teachers plan lessons in a way that makes the content accessible to the widest possible audience. Throughout the course, participants will learn practical methodologies for representing content using multiple modalities, providing the means for students to demonstrate what they know using a variety of tools, and engaging learners using high-interest, authentic practices.

Learning Objectives -

1. Participants will become familiar with Universal Design for Learning as a framework for designing instruction.

2. Participants will become familiar with a number of web tools and their varied uses as methods for providing teachers multiple ways to represent content, providing students with multiple ways to express what they know, and providing students with engaging (high-interest and authentic) learning experiences.

3. Participants will develop an understanding of how to create a lesson using the Universal Design for Learning framework.

Participant Testimonial -

"This course has relevance, various methods of helping all students learn, and a strong instructor." ~ Course participant 2012

Experience how this course is designed using your preferred learning style. Choose one or more of the following options:

Audio – Click here to listen to a podcast episode -

Text – Click here to read an article -

Video – Click here to watch a video about UDL –

Visual – Click here to experience a comic -

Options - You are only required to select/do one of each of the provided options

This course strives to be universally designed. For each week you will be given options for how you would prefer to experience the content (called Content Acquistion Options) and produce an activity that demonstrates that you understand the concepts (called Expression Options).

Free, Web-based Only -

Every activity/tool mentioned in this course is web-based and free to use. You do not need to download any executable files to your computer. You do not need to pay for any of the tools mentioned in the activities. Some tools may offer premium options which, of course, you are free to pay for and use, but this is NOT a requirement of the course.





Week 1

Module 1: What is Universal Design?

Where did UDL come from?

Week 2

Module 2: What is Universal Design for Learning?

UDL Explained Defined

Week 3

Module 3: Using What’s Available

Where to start with implementation

Week 4

Module 4: Tool Exploration

Web 2.0

Week 5

Module 5: Content Acquisition/Creation

Where to find multimodal content

Week 6

Module 6: UDL Lesson Plans

Building Multimodal Lessons

*Module topics may be altered by instructor to enhance the experience of the course.

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This course was developed by, and will be facilitated by, Chris Bugaj.

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