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Global Goals: The Basis of Any Relevant Education

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Topics: Digital citizenship

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In 2015 the UN General Assembly formally accepted a new set of 17 measurable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ranging from ending world poverty to achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls by 2030. These were to succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight measurable goals which were signed in September 2000.

These goals are considered by world leaders and nations to be essential for the ongoing viability and wellbeing of all people and living things on Earth. Young people today will be inheriting the legacy of previous generations which in many cases have been marked by unsustainable, destructive and isolated practices that have adversely affected global ecosystems, inflicted harm upon people, and set in motion some ongoing challenges that will need to be faced by today's young people. We have an obligation to alert and empower young people to address these challenges and create new ways of engaging with the world and its people.

This session will consider the scope of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how we as educators can begin to link our teaching and learning to these goals.

Presented by the ISTE Global Collaboration Network.


Kim Flintoff

Bio: KIM FLINTOFF started his tertiary studies in Chemistry, and his working life in analysis and assay for the mining exploration industry ­- a little later he started dabbling in the dark arts of Theatre and Drama and moved into management, performance and production roles in theatre. He was co-founder of Class Act Theatre for schools, and progressed into K-12 education as a Drama teacher. Kim became recognised as a curriculum leader in WA and a global innovator and researcher in the area of Drama and Technology; for a decade he convened a global special interest group for the International Drama Education Association. He was an invited speaker at the inaugural global summit for the World Alliance for Arts Education. His interest in arts, education and technology brought him to working in universities as a lecturer, unit co-ordinator, curriculum developer, and researcher. He currently works with Curtin Teaching and Learning developing strategic innovative approaches for learning engagement. Sustainability and futures thinking are now key drivers in his daily work and as father of two preschool aged daughters these areas are a very high priority.