ISTE and the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) have been working together for many years to advocate for effective computer science (CS) classes in schools across the U.S. In 2019, ISTE partnered with CSTA to help create standards for CS teachers that will support rigorous and equitable CS education for all students. These new ISTE Standards for CS Educators will be closely aligned to ISTE’s Computational Thinking Competencies, which were recently updated.

Please help develop standards that will provide clear guidelines on what computer science teachers should know and be able to do in the classroom; serve as aspirational goals for CS educators to guide their professional learning and stretch their teaching practice; and establish benchmarks for professional development providers as they craft computer science experiences.

We believe supporting CSTA will empower CS teachers to help students excel as critical thinkers and problem-solvers on their way to becoming active, collaborative, lifelong learners who are prepared to succeed.

Here’s how you can participate:



Use our toolkit to lead a feedback forum with colleagues at a conference or via social media.

Join the ISTE Standards Community, a network dedicated to all things standards-related, to stay up to date on the refresh. And be sure to engage with @iste on social media!



Find resources aligned to the ISTE Standards.

The ISTE Essential Conditions are the 14 conditions necessary for system readiness.

The Lead & Transform Diagnostic Tool is a free tool that evaluates your system measured against the Essential Conditions.

Learn more about the ISTE Seal of Alignment program.

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