Skilled personnel

Educators, support staff and other leaders skilled in the selection and effective use of appropriate ICT resources

What is it?

To create a technology-rich culture, all educators and staff should model what it means to be a digital age professional. At face value, this means knowing how to use digital tools to both increase productivity and enhance learning. It also implies the need to keep those skills up to date.

Leaders can cultivate a skilled staff by modeling technology use themselves, providing access to resources that help keep skills current, and implementing hiring practices and policies that reflect the significance of technology skills.

Why is it important?

The success of any technology initiative depends on seeing results. Increased student engagement, for example, can happen only if teachers and staff are also engaged and invested in the transition to a standards-ready system. Skilled individuals who support the initiative can facilitate transitional growth through their innovative application of technology.

What does it look like?

Skilled personnel are distributed throughout a standards-ready system in a variety of roles, from technology specialists to volunteers to students with technology proficiency. All individuals know whom to turn to for assistance, enabling teachers and students to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.