Technical support

Consistent and reliable assistance for maintaining, renewing and using ICT and digital learning resources

What is it?

Technology needs to be maintained, and teachers need just-in-time help when troubleshooting problems. Whether human or virtual, technical support ensures that the technology continues to function, remains up to date and is fully usable by teachers, staff and students.

From hiring specialists to creating peer networks, technical support can take many forms. For example, in some schools, student leaders help staff with troubleshooting. Developing a system for providing multiple types of support is a key component of any technology integration plan.

Why is it important?

Technology opens new doors for learning, but students can’t walk through them if the technology is unusable or disruptive to the learning and teaching process. Consistent and reliable technical support removes these barriers and makes it possible for educators to better leverage their use of technology as an effective teaching and learning tool. It also minimizes the time and energy they spend on troubleshooting and problem solving.

What does it look like?

In a standards-ready system, teachers are supported in their technology use — both in learning how to use it and in applying it to their classrooms. They know how to get technical help without significant lags. Key considerations for planning include:

  • Sufficient infrastructure to support ideal levels of technology use
  • Access to technology specialists
  • Diversified responsibility for technology use, implementation and support