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Bring Your Own Learning
Transform Instruction with Any Device
Product Code: BYODEV
ISBN: 9781564843388
Expected Publication Date: 03/2014
Media Type: Paper
Audience: Administrators(K–12), technology directors, technology coordinators
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Learning was never intended to begin and end at the school doors. Today's students have embraced mobile technology, and educators can no longer ignore this reality.

In Bring Your Own Learning, highly respected educational technologist Lenny Schad tells the story of leading his large Texas school district through a program of inclusion, where it no longer matters what technology is being used or who owns the device. What matters is that students learn in the ways that make sense to them and their teachers.

Schad discusses what worked and what needed to be reworked in his district. If you've been struggling with how to respond to the bring-your-own-device revolution, this is the perfect place to start.