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Bill Bass

Reimagining Education – Together


Topics: COVID-19

Three years ago, I sat down to write my first article for Empowered Learner as the incoming ISTE board president. I was about to take the leadership reins of an organization that had guided and…


Two teachers hand out laptops during COVID-19

How we fared when COVID-19 forced us to reinvent learning


Topics: COVID-19

It all felt a bit surreal. 

One minute, students were looking forward to spring break. Then COVID-19 flipped the – world on its head. Home be­came school. Parents became teachers. And teachers…


Bill Bass, president of ISTE Board

Leading in the moment that matters


Topics: COVID-19

As we all adjust to the new (ab)normal that exists in the wake of the COVID-19 pan­demic, I’ve been reflecting on how the ISTE community responded to the crisis. In two words: You led. 

In fact,…


Powerpoint slide

Design authentic distance learning experiences with PowerPoint


Topics: COVID-19, Online learning

The Innovator Solutions section includes contributions from corporate sponsors and advertisers representing education organizations, businesses, policy-making bodies and other influencers dedicated to…


A teacher conducts a lesson online

COVID-19: Support urgent federal funding for effective edtech use


Topics: coronavirus, COVID-19, Online learning

With school closures likely to extend into the 2020-21 school year, educator readiness remains a large…


A child's hand drawing a rocket.

NASA Keeps the STEM Lessons Going From Home


Topics: coronavirus, COVID-19, NASA, Online learning, STEM

From launching simple paper rockets to learning how to read satellite images, NASA has assembled a rich collection of STEM activities for students from kindergarten through high school to do on their own at…


a collage of photos showing students using technology

How states can support edtech priorities


Topics: Advocacy and funding, COVID-19

Professional learning that improves educator practice is supported by ongoing, job-embedded coaching. Therefore, to build educators’ capacities in technology-empowered pedagogy, state leaders can plan…


girl working on computer at home

Flexibility is key to successful remote learning


Topics: COVID-19, Online learning

Adjusting expectations has been a theme of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ohio’s Lakota Local Schools, a suburban K-12 district with more than 16,700 students, designed its remote learning guide with…


A girl uses wi-fi on a bus

5 Ways the Pandemic Improved Equity for Students


Topics: COVID-19, digital equity, Online learning

If educators learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic, it was that digital equity is a complex and moving target. Never before was the breadth of the digital divide more apparent — and never had it been…


a boy at computer with hang on head in frustration

COVID-19 thrusts digital equity to the forefront


Topics: COVID-19, digital equity, ISTE Expert Webinars, Online learning

With millions of students out of school across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, districts everywhere are scrambling to put in place remote learning programs. A big stumbling-block is guaranteeing…