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Two students with iPads in school

What Remote Learning Revealed About the Benefits of 1:1 Devices



For the past decade, the education community has debated whether K-12 schools should have one device per child (known as 1:1 programs). Research has…


a teacher conducts an online lession

4 Hacks to Balance Teaching and Self-Care


Topics: Online learning

Even under the best conditions, teaching can be difficult and stressful. Still, every teacher I’ve had the privilege of speak with wears their superhero cape and mentions wanting to be there for their students…


a student learning online

3 Ways Teachers Can Integrate SEL Into Learning


Topics: SEL

The coronavirus crisis has compelled educators everywhere to make new pedagogical shifts to meet the demands of online teaching. Teachers will continue to be challenged to use education technology to…


a preservice teacher conducts a online video call with K-12 teachers

Edtech Students Help K-12 Educators With Online Teaching During Pandemic


Topics: ISTE Certification, ISTE Standards for Educators, Online learning

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and schools closed, students in Sarah Schroeder’s educational technology classes at the University of Cincinnati suddenly…


a young boy uses a tablet in school

ISTE Certified Educator Shares 4 Tips for Teaching With Tech


Topics: Coding & robotics, Online learning

Two weeks before school started, the iPads arrived. Sixth-grade English teacher Laurie Guyon, who had never touched the device before, suddenly found herself in the midst of an exploratory 1:1 pilot. Her…


A student does school work on a Chromebook

People-power fuels launch of district’s remote learning


Topics: Online learning

For the Greece Central School District in New York, getting remote learning up and running was as much a people-focused undertaking as a technical one.

Sure, there were Chromebooks to be…


Teacher conducts a lesson remotely

Five tips for designing materials for remote learning


Topics: Learning sciences

Before we go any further, a big thank you to the many teachers who’ve put together content, often at a few days’ notice, to try keep learning going during these uncertain times. Over the past weeks, I’ve seen so much guilt expressed on Twitter and occasionally an attempt to do too much. This…


girl in front of a computer learning at home

3 ways to make remote learning more engaging


Topics: Online learning

Like many teachers, since COVID-19 I've been teaching all of my classes remotely. Although I am not new to online teaching or coaching, I wasn’t sure how…


Two students read on a digital tablet

Teach students how to read — and understand — digital text


Topics: Online learning

Creating online educational content isn’t as simple as transferring printed materials to a virtual space. One of the barriers, researchers have found, is…


a father comforts his son during COVID quarantine

Meeting students' social-emotional needs during a COVID-19 lockdown


Topics: Online learning, social-emotional learning

High school junior Sadie Bograd doesn’t mind having extra leisure time to catch up on her novel reading or binge-watch the latest season of The Good Place. But there are moments when the unstructured…