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In the classroom 9/19/2017

The global event that helps kids fall in love with books

Since its launch seven years ago, Global Read Aloud can count more than 4 million connections in 80 countries. When this year's event gets underway Oct. 2, another 850,000 children will be connected. 

TAGS: Online learning

Tools, devices and apps 9/15/2017

Personalize learning with VR creation tools

Virtual reality is more than a fad. It's the ultimate way to personalize learning and encourage students – and teachers – to use technology to create, rather than consume.


Digital citizenship 9/14/2017

Digital citizenship is the new citizenship

Rather than just warning young people about online risks, leaders are realizing the importance of helping students use the power of digital media to work toward social justice and equity.

TAGS: Digital citizenship

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