Innovator solutions 8/16/2017

Preparing the youngest students for the future starts with STEM

Sarah Wiseman doesn't expect all her students to grow up and become software developers, but she does want them to learn that the devices they hold in their hands were created and programmed by someone like them.

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Personalized learning 8/16/2017

Turn your classroom into a personalized learning environment

Today’s technology makes personalized learning an attainable goal. Here are five things to consider as you make the transition from a traditional classroom to a personalized learning environment.

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ISTE blog 8/15/2017

Find ideas for learning with technology in our back-to-school guide!

Why not try one new thing this year to get students learning with technology. Check out this back-to-school guide for ideas, tips and resources on personalized learning, digital citizenship and gamification.

TAGS: Digital citizenship Personalized learning

Community Voices & Insights

Oftentimes, parents and community members don’t necessarily understand the value or the purpose of how teachers are integrating tech into their classrooms. It’s important to advocate for educational technology in terms of educating parents and the community.
Sara Hunter, District Technology and Math Specialist, Zionsville, IN
ISTE becomes your guide in integrating technology because you find there all the resources and connections with leading brands, leading presenters, leading institutions and affiliates. All of these connections enrich you as a teacher, especially if you are from outside the US. As an outside teacher or a foreign teacher, you find ISTE is your connection with the tech world.
Dr. Mahmud Shihab, Head of Educational Technology, Beirut, Lebanon
Pernille Ripp Passion-based learning
ISTE Essential Conditions 14 critical elements

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