5 pro tips to make digital learning accessible to all students [VIDEO]

Try these five simple strategies to make learning more accessible for all students.

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Lead the way 2/14/2019

School leaders: Have you mastered social media?

We’ve come a long way from when schools and districts frowned on social media use. Today, school and district leaders are embracing social media to their stories.


Tools, devices and apps 2/12/2019

Find edtech resources vetted by educators

Educators are always looking for information and advice about tools that will engage students as learners in the digital age. Who better to deliver that intel than other educators. Edtech Advisor is a rating platform that provides educators with insight on tools, apps and resources — from other educators.

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In the classroom 2/11/2019

The maker movement: A learning revolution

Give your students access to the latest hands-on technologies and permission to invent something that interests them. Then stand back while they transform from passive receivers of knowledge to makers who are empowered to design, build and share their own real-world artifacts.

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Deepen student learning with AR

When it comes to creating augmented reality projects in the classroom, Metaverse is a robust tool that's easy to use.