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Wildly popular, then off the grid, virtual worlds are back in ed tech

2/18/2015 Topics: Gaming

Students' enthusiasm for virtual-world play could add a whole new dimension for educators looking for a way to engage their students through technology.


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Infographic: Citizenship in the digital age

10/22/2014 Topics: Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is not so different from traditional citizenship. We still need to guide students to be kind, respectful and responsible. What’s new is teaching them how to apply these values to the realities of the digital age.

Personalized vs. differentiated vs. individualized learning

8/5/2014 Topics: Personalized learning

Modern classrooms are teeming with students of varying interests, backgrounds, abilities and learning needs. As educators, it’s important to understand the nuanced differences between the terms personalized, differentiated and individualized learning in order to best meet their needs.

3 ways to weave digital citizenship into your curriculum

3/15/2014 Topics: Digital citizenship

In a classroom where students already use technology, it’s a simple matter to incorporate a digital citizenship component into any lesson.

Build an awesome class website with Google Apps


Get parents involved in your classroom – and in their kids’ education – by putting all the information they’ll need on a class website. No web design skills or budget? No problem. Google Apps make the process easy and free.

Edcamps are redefining professional learning


Edcamps — participatory, teacher-driven professional learning events — are multiplying on a national and international scale, creating local and global communities of passionate educators.