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Global reach of the ISTE Standards
The ISTE Standards (formerly known as the NETS) are being adapted for use around the world.

At the grassroots and national levels, educators from individual schools up to Ministries of Education are localizing the ISTE Standards to fit the needs of students, teachers and school leaders. Schools in Norway, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Philippines, Micronesia, Korea and Turkey are among the many working to adapt the ISTE Standards as their information and communication technologies (ICT) frameworks, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico adopted the ISTE Standards for use by all of its schools.

ISTE relied on the wisdom of educators to help update the ISTE Standards during the three-year ISTE Standards Refresh effort. Educators from nearly 40 countries provided feedback to ISTE as we refreshed the standards, helping to strengthen them and make them relevant to educators around the world. ICT skills are embedded in the ISTE Standards at all levels.

Living in a digital world
The importance of technology is indisputable.

Advances in technology have drastically changed the way we interact with the world and each other. The digital age requires that we understand and are able to harness the power of technology to live and learn.

What is the best way to prepare our children for an increasingly digital world? Education, of course. By using technology to advance education, we will successfully prepare the children of today to become the informed, engaged citizens and thought leaders of tomorrow.
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ISTE Standards resources
The ISTE Standards have been used as a model in many countries around the world and complement efforts to integrate ICT into the classroom. Volunteers have generously translated the ISTE Standards into several languages so that their reach can spread far and wide.

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