Learning, teaching and leading with the ISTE Standards
Prepare your students to learn, live and work in a technology-powered world. ISTE Standards (formerly the NETS) are used worldwide to help students gain the higher-order thinking skills that the digital age demands. Take advantage of resources that help you and your students meet these standards. ISTE awards its Seal of Alignment to resources that have undergone a rigorous review by ISTE Standards experts. Look for ISTE's Seal of Alignment to:

  • Prepare students and professionals to meet performance-based ISTE Standards for Students, Teachers or Administrators
  • Give students and teachers the knowledge, experience and skills to use technology for higher-order thinking

Determine the best resource for you
ISTE recognizes resources that help people improve their ISTE Standards skills and move them toward becoming digital age learners, teachers and leaders, no matter what skill level they have at the start of this journey.

Seal of Alignment for Readiness

Do you need a resource to help students, teachers or administrators get ready to implement the ISTE Standards?

ISTE awards the ISTE Standards Seal of Alignment for Readiness to resources that focus on learning to use technology. These resources can help you build the foundational technology skills you need before embarking on efforts to implement the ISTE Standards.

Seal of Alignment for Proficiency 

Are you looking for a curriculum, assessment or professional development offering that is flexible and can be implemented in a variety of ways, yet offers solid practice in the ISTE Standards?

ISTE awards the ISTE Standards Seal of Alignment for Proficiency to resources that focus on using technology to learn.

Seal of Alignment for Mastery

Are you looking for a resource that is a turnkey solution for meeting the ISTE Standards?

ISTE Awards the ISTE Standards Seal of Alignment for Mastery to resources that include ISTE Standards learning objectives, specified implementation plans and embedded tools that measure ISTE Standards performance skills.
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