Earn a Seal of Alignment

ISTE Standards-Aligned Resources

ISTE awards a Seal of Alignment to resources that have undergone a review evaluating how they prepare participants to meet the ISTE Standards. With a Seal of Alignment, your resource will distinguish itself by its alignment to the leading digital age standards.

Seal of Alignment Levels of Recognition

Resources that support the use of technology to learn can earn a Seal of Alignment for Mastery or Proficiency. Resources that support learning to use technology can earn a Seal of Alignment for Readiness.

Seal of Alignment Value

A Seal of Alignment can provide your resource with a competitive advantage among companies that also provide curriculum and assessments to schools, school districts or state departments of education. Investing in a Seal of Alignment will result in increased recognition and third-party validation of your product.

How Can Your Product Earn a Seal of Alignment?

Your resource can earn a Seal of Alignment by successfully undergoing a rigorous review by ISTE Standards experts. The reviewers will document and provide third-party verification for how well your resource improves learning and teaching through the ISTE Standards. Resources eligible for review are curricula, assessments, professional development offerings and technology training resources.


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