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Digital age leadership
ISTE Standards (formerly the NETS) for Administrators (ISTE Standards•A) are the standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge school administrators and leaders need to support digital age learning, implement technology and transform the education landscape.

Transforming schools into digital age places of learning requires leadership from people who can accept new challenges and embrace new opportunities. Now more than ever, the success of technology integration depends on leaders who can implement systemic reform in our schools.

ISTE Standards for Administrators resources
ISTE offers a host of resources to help administrators learn about the ISTE Standards and how to use them.

Seal of Alignment
ISTE awards a Seal of Alignment to resources that prepare participants to meet the ISTE Standards.

Resources earn a Seal of Alignment after rigorous review by ISTE Standards experts to ensure they align with the ISTE Standards for Students, Teachers or Administrators.

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ISTE Standards products
All ISTE books and professional development offerings highlight at least one set of the ISTE Standards.

Get help implementing the ISTE Standards with books, webinars and online courses. Shop the ISTE Store.

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