Adopting the Standards

The ISTE Standards are about learning, not devices or tools.

They reflect a vision and commitment to improving learning and the student experience by effectively leveraging technology.

How are schools and districts adopting the standards?

Depending on local goals, needs and priorities, adopting the standards in a school, district or state takes different forms. Leaders may decide to use the standards in a variety of ways, including:

- As part of statewide or district-level expectations.
- To guide systemwide planning, including school improvement and technology plans.
- To guide professional development plans and/or individual professional growth goals.
- To map curriculum.
- To ensure that lesson design and plans include purposeful use of technology.
- As part of a learning management system or web system.
- In teacher preparation across the curriculum.

ISTE considers any of these uses as adoption if they are intended to be used systemwide. Access this report to support systemwide adoption of the standards in your school, district or state.

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