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Computer Science 3/16/2018

Harness the power of 3D models in the classroom

Giving students opportunities to create 3D models keeps kids engaged and excited about learning, stimulates inquiry and gives them a better understanding of literary settings and world cultures.


Innovator solutions 3/16/2018

Selecting the right display size for classrooms

Deciding what imaging technology to select can be complicated. Today there is a lot of focus on flat panels and projectors. However the big dilemma isn’t which technology to select, but how to support the right visual environments that help teachers teach and students learn.


Computer Science 3/15/2018

Coding, robotics programs are engaging learners worldwide

Robotics and coding provide hands-on and creative opportunities for learners to invent, solve problems and create – perhaps the most appropriate implementation of STEM.

TAGS: Coding Robotics

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