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Professional development 6/8/2018

Show students all the possibilities

Nadia Lopez, an education leader and founder of Mott Hall Bridges Academy in New York, says her goal is to broaden children’s horizons and show them what possibilities look like. Lopez will be a keynote speaker at ISTE 2018.


Empowered Learner 6/8/2018

A new framework for digital age leadership

Teachers have been using technology to transform education for decades. But to scale those transformations and meet the learning needs of all students requires education leaders who are visionary, adaptable and thoughtful about managing change, and who model lifelong learning.


Professional development 6/7/2018

PLN picks for ISTE 2018

ISTE Professional Learning Networks have a huge presence at the ISTE Conference & Expo, the biggest edtech PD event of the year. We tapped a few PLN leaders and asked them to share their picks for the best sessions and events related to their topics.

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