Bring Digital Citizenship to the Classroom in Meaningful Ways

Digital citizenship shouldn’t be a long list of don’ts. It should be about the do’s that help create thoughtful, empathetic digital citizens who can wrestle with the important ethical questions at the intersection of technology and humanity. Those do’s include:

  • Using technology to make your community better.
  • Engaging respectfully online with people who have different beliefs than you.
  • Using technology to make your voice heard by public leaders and shape public policy.
  • Determining the validity of online sources of information.

Digital citizenship goes beyond conversations about personal responsibility. It’s about being active citizens who see possibilities instead of problems, and opportunities instead of risks as they curate a positive and effective digital footprint.

Learn to Teach Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship in Action from ISTE U will guide you in how to bring digital citizenship to your classroom in meaningful ways and across various content areas. The 15-hour, self-paced course includes ongoing instructor support and is eligible for graduate credit. 




Designed to help students consider the systems and structures in which they spend so much of their time, Ethics in a Digital World asks students to look at the technology around them through a critical lens.

Digital citizenship is a key component of the ISTE Standards. See how digital citizenship aligns with the student, educator, coaching and leader sections.

The Digital Citizenship Handbook for School Leaders provides an essential road map for leaders, offering resources and rationale for planning a successful digital citizenship program.

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Members only! ISTE Connect brings educators together to share digital citizenship lessons and resources, get answers to questions and share best practices.