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ISTE webinars deliver the latest edtech ideas and strategies straight from expert practitioners in bite-sized pieces you can implement in your classroom tomorrow. Each fall and spring, ISTE curates and supports the Expert Webinar Series with content developed by members, for members. These webinars are chosen through a competitive juried process. Additionally, throughout the year, ISTE’s Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) and partners produce high-quality webinars on topics they choose. Register browse our featured webinars or check out our full archives to make the most of your membership and get the edtech inspiration you need.















Upcoming Expert Webinars

No Mistakes, Just Happy Sketchnotes: Let’s Bob Ross Our Learning

April 14, 2020 at 10:00 AM Pacific

Presented by: Nichole Carter

ISTE Author 

But I Prefer a Book: Making Sense of Content in a Digital World

April 21, 2020 at 10:00 AM Pacific

Presented by: Michele Eaton

ISTE Online and Blended Learning Network 

Hacking Your Professional Development

POSTPONED until Fall 2020

Presented by: Fanny Passeport with Emma Ahmed

ISTE Author 





Recent Expert Webinars

View recordings from past ISTE webinars - both Expert and PLN. All recordings available on ISTE Connect, free to members!

Why Equity Matters Now!

Presented by: Patricia Brown, Carla Jefferson, Wes Kriesel, Nicol Howard, Valerie Lewis, Michael Flood, Ken Shelton

ISTE Digital Equity Network 

Literacy + Robots = Innovative Storytelling

Presented by: Michele Haiken and Mark Gura

ISTE Literacy Network 

Walk the Walk: Step-by-Step (Virtual) Tips For Using Minecraft Education Edition

Presented by: Scott Merrick

ISTE Virtual Environments Network 

Addressing the Gaps in Students’ Information Literacy Skills

Presented by: Caitlin McLemore

ISTE Author 

Creating Awesomesauce Videos for Blended Learning

Presented by: Josh Stock

ISTE Author 

Add to Your Edtech Coaching Toolkit: Tools and Strategies to Support the Updated ISTE Coaching Standards

Presented by: ISTE Edtech Coaches Network


Superpower Digital Leadership With #DigCit

Presented by: Marty Park and Chris Walsh

ISTE Technology Coordinators Network 

5 Steps To Better Classroom and School Design

Presented by: Brian Seymour and Dwight Carter

ISTE Learning Spaces Network and ISTE Technology Coordinators Network 

Triumphs and Challenges of Being an LGBTQ Educator Today

Presented by: Nancy Jo Lambert

ISTE Librarians Network with #EduPrideAlliance 

Video Poems: Merging Literacy, Creativity and Technology

Presented by: Tim Needles

ISTE Author