5 pro tips to make digital learning accessible to all students [VIDEO]

Try these five simple strategies to make learning more accessible for all students.

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ISTE blog 9/19/2018

8 questions to ask before creating a makerspace

Like everything in ed tech, it’s not enough to have a bunch of fancy gadgets in your makerspace. You need to have the right materials to meet your goals.

TAGS: Makerspaces

Computer Science 9/14/2018

Make CS accessible to all students with physical computing

Physical computing provides educators with the unique opportunity to address support all learners in exploring computational thinking practices and computer science concepts across multiple disciplines in creative ways.

TAGS: Coding & robotics Computational thinking Robotics STEM & STEAM

Education leadership 9/13/2018

TED helps educators tell stories worth sharing

Educator Luis Perez writes about how the TED Masterclass helped him tell his story. "We educators are the light the world needs, not only for our students, but for each other. Let’s turn to that light and make it shine bright and strong — let’s lift each other up and support each other and yes, it’s OK to cry and let our humanity shine through."

TAGS: Assistive and adaptive technologies Education leadership


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