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An educator is being filmed outdoors conducts a virtual nature lesson

5 Ways To Connect Students to National Parks (Without Traveling)


Topics: Environmental science, National parks, Virtual field trips

Our national parks have always been “islands of learning,” helping to inform the public about topics ranging from the lives of our nation’s presidents to the earth’s dynamic history. And much like islands,…


A Native American in traditional clothing talks to a class of students.

15 Resources for Teaching Native American History and Culture


Topics: History, Native Americans

Every November, many well-intentioned educators teach their elementary school students about a shared Thanksgiving feast while students craft construction paper headdresses and black Pilgrim hats.



a girl and a boy in a classroom sitting at desks looking down at their school laptops

Empowering Students to Develop an Agile Mindset


Topics: Project-based learning

Fostering collaboration in the classroom is vital in preparing our students for life. Working in groups can be challenging, which is why implementing an agility framework can become a powerful tool. Developing an…


Two girls in school working together on a laptop

Tools and Strategies for Developing Learner Agency


Topics: Student Agency, Tools, Devices and Apps

In this age of high stakes testing and prescriptive standardized curriculum, it can be challenging to find ways to encourage students to take ownership in their learning. Yet, as a college professor I’ve found…


a teacher and her students are sitting around a table video chatting with students in another country

4 Ways to Bring History and Civics to Life


Topics: Civics, History

With 50 years of teaching between them, Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff and Karalee Wong Nakatsuka admit that they have a lot to say about history, civics and how educational technology can transform learning into…


A VR image of someone playing baseball

VR Storytelling Puts Students in the Shoes of Black Americans


Topics: Virtual reality

When teaching kids about empathy, it’s easy to fall back on dusty idioms — like that gem about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Derek Ham has a better idea.

Through funding from Epic…


A screenshot from a Zach King TikTok showing him holding a tiny lighthouse

TikTok in the Classroom? Zach King Says YES!


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

Zach King, a filmmaker and illusionist known for his clever magic tricks and digital sleight of hand, will be a Mainstage speaker at ISTELive 22 on June 26. One of social media’s most prominent content creators,…


Three boys in a classroom look at an iPad while a teacher looks on smiling

5 Reasons To Try the In-Class Flip


Topics: Flipped learning

Most teachers have heard of the flipped classroom, but some may not be as familiar with a variation called the in-class flip. Rather than having students absorb content at home, this approach allows students to…


a woman sits on the floor of her home and writes in a notebook while holding papers

4 Ways Educators Can Manage Time, Track Goals and Reduce Stress


Topics: Journaling

Nichole Carter knows how busy work and life can be for a teacher. An educator since 2004, Carter has taught everything from geography and history to reading and language arts, all while balancing the…


A man sits on the top of a cliff looking out into a gorgeous valley

Bring the National Parks Into Your Classroom


Topics: Project-based learning

In 1872, Yellowstone became the world’s first national park, and early visitors arrived full of questions about the landscape that surrounded them. 

The first “guides” were actually U.S. Army…