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four students and a teacher stand over a table doing a team-building activity

Put Student Well-Being at the Forefront


Topics: SEL

At Bullis School in Maryland, wellness is not just a counseling department initiative; it's embedded into how teachers…


a boy stares at a school laptop looking perplexed

Don't Let Technology Get in the Way of Student Learning


Topics: Technology infrastructure

Last year toward the end of the semester, I was helping a student in an after-school homework club and asked him how he was doing in his classes. Alejandro responded that he was receiving a B in history and a C…


two students with iPads discuss an assignment

3 Ways School Leaders Can Support Digital Citizenship


Topics: ISTE Standards

Digital citizenship is everyone’s responsibility, but no one’s authority. That means it can be difficult for school leaders and advocates to implement digital citizenship in a coordinated way. However, one…


an edtech coach works with a teacher in a staff room

6 Steps To Building a Successful Edtech Coaching Program


Topics: Edtech coaching

In today’s world, technology is an integral part of education. School districts invest in technology devices to help prepare students for success in future careers, but it takes more than laptops and…


Two students at a school desk hunched over a tablet working on a math problem

5 Tips for Creating a District Responsible Use Policy


Topics: Responsible use policy

One item on many educators’ to-do lists early in the school year is having students sign a responsible use policy (RUP), which spells out how district-provided devices and accounts should be used. These…


Two boys sit next to each other at a desk looking joyfully at a computer screen.

How Curiosity, Creativity and Student Agency Unlock Student Learning


Topics: Creativity, Personalized Learning, Student Agency

Long before the pandemic disrupted learning for 1.7 billion students and forever embedded technology into schooling around the globe, it was already clear that education systems were due for an overhaul. 


A group of students sit together at a table with papers and tablets working on a school project

Before Using School Technology, Know Your Edtech Purpose


Topics: ISTE Standards

The ISTE Standards represent an ambitious framework for using technology for learning, but they are easily achievable when schools and…


A group of children enthusiastically look at a laptop while their laughing teacher looks on.

4 Innovative Trends in K-12 Education


Topics: Online learning

The past couple of years have brought tremendous disruption to the world of education, leading to teacher burnout, student anxiety and parent frustration.

But out of all the upheaval some amazing…


a person creates a digital drawing on an ipad

5 Skills To Prepare Students for Future Jobs


Topics: coding

Back in middle school, Derek Ham used to hang out in the library making bitmap images in Microsoft Paint. Today he meticulously recreates historic scenes from Black history in virtual reality.


Two teachers at the ISTE conference experiment with Google Cardboard

The Hottest Topics in Edtech for 2022!


Topics: ISTELive 22

For a few years now, we’ve shared on this blog the hottest edtech trends of the year based on the topics resonating with educators who submit proposals to present at the…