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Olivia Van Ledtje

What Kids Can Teach Adults About Technology



One day while riding the train, Brooklyn senior Aissata Bah looked up from her phone. She was struck by what she saw. Every person in the train car was looking at their phones. She wondered what sorts of risks…


An Afghan girl, whose face is blurred, holds a drawing of a kitten that she created up to the camera as the faces of students from around the world appear at the top of the Zoom screen.

Students Become Teachers To Help Afghan Girls Learn


Topics: Global collaboration

San Diego 11th-grader Keala Minna-Choe looked at the Zoom screen last fall and saw about 300 Afghan girls crammed into a classroom. In the image, the room was so full that girls had to peer in through the windows…


a group of students sitting on soft furniture in a library work together on iPads

Build Community Support for Your School Library


Topics: Libraries

When Texas librarian Valerie Tagoe agreed to sponsor a graphic novel and anime club for high school students who were passionate about manga, it opened the door to all sorts of new activities in the library:…


a kindergarten teacher helps her students use their iPads.

ISTE and ASCD Will Be Greater Together


Topics: ASCD

As I reflect on the ISTE and ASCD merger announced in November, I’m reminded of an old Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial from the 1980s that my brother and I used to sing along with. I’m probably dating…


three boys surround a laptop at school

Closing Opportunity Gaps With Edtech



When Tom Rooney’s school district began piloting competency-based learning with a small group of incoming high school freshman, he spoke with the students in advance to prepare them for how their high school…


Carl Hooker

Carl Hooker: Taking Risks for Student-Driven Learning


Topics: student-centered learning

Some know him as the author of six ISTE books. Others may have attended one of his conference presentations or perhaps know him as a blogger, education consultant or the host of ISTE’s Learning Unleashed…


A teacher helps a young girl with Down Syndrome use an iPad in a classroom

The New Era of Accessible Tech



In the early days of COVID lockdown, Dan Phillips, director of the Technology Resource Center of Marin County Office of Education, stood on the front porch of a student’s house holding up an iPad to find a Wi-…


Lakisha Brinson

Lakisha Brinson: Leading With Empathy


Topics: Libraries

Lakisha Brinson used to envision herself writing cards for Hallmark.

An introvert with a proclivity for introspection, she understood early on that people need to feel like their voices are being heard…


Designing the Future of Education – Together 



Graduation season is always a thrilling time of year. Students are filled with excitement as they prepare to move on to their next challenge, whether it be more schooling or entering the workforce, they’re…


Two boys show a device they invented to send into space.

NASA Science Project Has Students Sending Sponges Into Space


Topics: NASA, STEM

Ever wonder if a sponge soaks up water in space the same way it would in your sink?

Six students at ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic High School did. Deaglan…