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Carl Hooker

Carl Hooker: Risking It All for Student-Driven Learning


Topics: student-centered learning

Some know him as the author of six ISTE books. Others may have attended one of his conference presentations or perhaps know him as a blogger, education consultant or the host of ISTE’s Learning Unleashed…


A teacher helps a young girl with Down Syndrome use an iPad in a classroom

The New Era of Accessible Tech



In the early days of COVID lockdown, Dan Phillips, director of the Technology Resource Center of Marin County Office of Education, stood on the front porch of a student’s house holding up an iPad to find a Wi-…


Lakisha Brinson

Lakisha Brinson: Leading With Empathy


Topics: Libraries

Lakisha Brinson used to envision herself writing cards for Hallmark.

An introvert with a proclivity for introspection, she understood early on that people need to feel like their voices are being heard…


Designing the Future of Education – Together 



Graduation season is always a thrilling time of year. Students are filled with excitement as they prepare to move on to their next challenge, whether it be more schooling or entering the workforce, they’re…


Two boys show a device they invented to send into space.

NASA Science Project Has Students Sending Sponges Into Space


Topics: NASA, STEM

Ever wonder if a sponge soaks up water in space the same way it would in your sink?

Six students at ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic High School did. Deaglan…


Susie Harder sits on the grass talking in a microphone while children sit around her in a circle.

This Student Book Project Gives Kids a Voice While Helping Them Cope


Topics: literacy

Third-grader Livo Lometti remembers the day his class started writing a book. His teacher, Sandra Hammond, introduced her students at Western Sierra Charter Schools in Fresno, California, to her friend Susie…


Bill Bass

Reimagining Education – Together


Topics: COVID-19

Three years ago, I sat down to write my first article for Empowered Learner as the incoming ISTE board president. I was about to take the leadership reins of an organization that had guided and…



How This Librarian Became a Social Justice Educator


Topics: Libraries

Julia Torres got her wakeup call when her entire English class flunked the AP exam on purpose.

It was her second year as a language arts teacher at Montbello High School in Denver. Coming from a…


A group of students collaborate using their school laptops

5 Reasons To Go All In on Districtwide PD


Topics: ISTE Certification

Educators are as unique as the communities they serve, but there are benefits to getting everyone on the same page even when they aren’t in the same building. When educators row together as a team, districts…


Two parents meet with a teacher during parent-teacher conferences

How the Pandemic Boosted Parent Engagement in Schools



When Beaverton School District switched to remote learning during the pandemic, the IT department fielded numerous calls from Spanish-speaking families who needed help with technology. But only two of the 35…