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Two students in a classroom work on a tablet computer

Create Meaningful Learning Experiences Using the ISTE Standards


Topics: ISTE Standards

As we lean into a new school year, it’s important to think about how educators across all areas — in the classroom, outside of the classroom and in leadership — can engage students. 

You can…


A student looks at a laptop

5 Tips for Checking Student Understanding in a Virtual Classroom


Topics: Assessment, ISTE Certification, ISTE Standards

“I’m staring at a bunch of black screens.”
“I’ve never even met my students in person.”
“If I can’t see them, how can I tell if they’ve learned the material?”

These statements illustrate just a few of the many struggles that educators around the…


College students talk with professor

How States Can Reimagine Teacher Preparation To Ensure Edtech Skills


Topics: Higher education, Teacher training

How can state leaders help new educators understand how to best leverage technology for classroom instruction? Educator preparation programs have the opportunity to help candidates use digital tools…


students in a classroom participate in a livestream of a wildlife safari

Bring a Real Wildlife Safari to Your Classroom


Topics: Global collaboration, ISTE Standards, ISTE Standards for Students

Stacey Moore knew she couldn’t take her 30 Virginia third graders on safari in Africa, so she did the next best thing: She brought the safari to her classroom and connected her students to naturalists who…


a child searches the internet on a desktop computer

5 Safe Search Engines for Elementary Students


Topics: Knowledge Constructor

It's never too early to teach students how to be good knowledge constructors. In fact, students should begin learning how to analyze and vet information on the internet as early as elementary school.

The ISTE Standards for Students…


7 steps to starting a global collaboration project

7 steps to starting a global collaboration project


Topics: Global collaboration, ISTE Standards for Students, Project-based learning

Global collaboration projects that allow students to work with peers across state and national boundaries aren’t just fun. They can also address several of the ISTE Standards for Students,…


It' 's like yoga for your educational practice

It's like yoga for your educational practice



Being an educator is a lot like practicing yoga.

Yogis strive to develop stronger, more flexible bodies. Educators work to develop stronger, more flexible minds.

Yogis form communities and seek out training to deepen their practice. Educators build professional learning networks…


Getting at the heart of the empowered learner

Getting at the heart of the empowered learner


Topics: ISTE Standards

The ultimate goal of our educational system is to develop students as college-, career- and life-ready individuals who can thrive in a global, high-tech world. This goal can be supported or discouraged based on the learning environment, materials and instructional choices that are made for…