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avatars meet in a virtual world

Experience Virtual Reality at ISTE20 Live


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo, Virtual reality

Remember the feeling of sitting next to a fellow edtech enthusiast at the ISTE Conference & Expo and starting up a spontaneous conversation while the room…


a teenager playing a game on a computer during an esports tournament

Get Gaming: Esports in the Classroom Supports Learning


Topics: esports, ISTE Conference & Expo

In the world of scholastic esports, Kevin Brown is something of an evangelist.

He wants to spread the word among educators that esports – aka competitive video gaming – are an incredibly effective way…


Two college students studying with computer

Developing Technology Excellence in Teachers Requires Lots of Practice


Topics: Teacher preparation

If teacher candidates are to learn how to integrate technology, teacher educators and PK-12 mentor teachers must value, promote and demand that technology be an essential element to good teaching.…


Person takes photo of night sky with smartphone

NASA Brings 6 STEAM Projects to ISTE20 Live


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo, NASA, STEM & STEAM

NASA experts will present six STEAM projects that educators can bring back to their classrooms at the NASA Playground…


Educator Bill Selak

How 8 ISTE Conferences Shaped Me as an Educator


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

ISTE20 Live will be my ninth annual ISTE conference, and it promises to be unlike any other ISTE conference. So while I plan out…


Recommendation engine of the ISTE20 Live Platform

Experience a New Virtual Platform at ISTE20 Live!


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

With the learning landscape shifting under our feet, we need PD now more than ever. Whether you’re a library media specialist, a fourth-grade teacher, a chief technology officer — or any role  in between…


List of 5 ways to master virtual events

Five Ways to Master Attending Virtual Events


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

The challenges of transitioning the bulk of educator professional development to a remote setting are complex and unprecedented. In this environment, educators may find they are in the driver seat like never…


a college student is learning online from her home

Online Teacher Preparation Clinical Experiences Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic


Topics: Teacher preparation

Teacher candidates’ clinical experiences and methods of instruction and student engagement are shaped by the PK–12 schools and districts where new graduates teach. Yet, many schools and districts around the…


two students work on tablet computer

4 Action Steps to Prepare New Teachers to Use Edtech


Topics: Higher education, Teacher prep

Think back to the first time you entered a classroom responsible for teaching a small group of students with a lesson you had designed. Remember how excited (or nervous!) you were the day your student teaching…