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Two students in a classroom wearing VR head gear

Looking for a Google Expeditions Replacement? Check Out These 2 AR/VR Tools


Topics: Virtual & augmented reality

If you haven’t dipped your toe into the world of augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), you and your students are missing out!…


A girl plays a video game with her mom

How 3 Gaming Industry Trends Can Boost Education


Topics: Gaming

To flatten the curve when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were all encouraged to stay home as countries across the world shut down schools, businesses, churches and events. That’s why the World Health…


A teen chats with friends using a desktop computer

How Educators Can Use Discord to Connect With Students



You could say that the pandemic was huge year for Discord.

The chat platform used by gamers has expanded way beyond its base. Last year it hit…


A young boy uses an AR app to see a 3D image of a mountain

Create AR Using These 5 Apps


Topics: Virtual & augmented reality

One of my first experiences with augmented reality came from the Aurasma app, later known as HP Reveal. The mobile app layered 3D objects and videos on top of a high contrast image. My mind was blown after I…


A child's hand drawing a rocket.

NASA Keeps the STEM Lessons Going From Home


Topics: coronavirus, COVID-19, NASA, Online learning, STEM

From launching simple paper rockets to learning how to read satellite images, NASA has assembled a rich collection of STEM activities for students from kindergarten through high school to do on their own at…


Parent and teenager select appropriate video game

How to choose digital apps, games and services


Topics: Procurement, Tools, devices & apps

Teachers understand how critical it is to use quality curricula in the classroom, and they know it’s important to help students select books that match their needs and interests.

But students today are…


Students can check Earth's gravity on their cellphones.

Students can do citizen science on their smartphones


Topics: citizen science from NASA, STEM

For astronomer Sten Odenwald, the smartphones we all use in our daily lives have some extraordinary scientific potential. For instance, the sensor a phone uses to help orient its screen can also measure gravity…


With imagination and the right apps, students learn and can demonstrate their learning.

With imagination and the right apps, students learn — and can prove it!


Topics: Assessment

In the classroom as in court, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove you know.

And for generations of students and teachers, test scores have provided evidence of learning.


In the world of instructional technology, evaluating tech tools is widely misunderstood.

So, you want to evaluate a technology tool?



In the world of instructional technology, evaluating tech tools is widely misunderstood. School districts are under pressure to quantify the impact of technology integration on student achievement.


A teacher helps a student program a robot.

Need an Edtech Grant? Then Get Writing!


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

Your school needs technology resources now more than ever, but your district can’t afford them. What do you do?

Start writing your grant, says Sheryl Abshire, a veteran K-12 educator and…