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An educator at ISTELive 23 smiles as she wears an AR headset

Edtech’s Hottest Topics for 2023


Topics: Artificial intelligence

What’s new in education? What’s happening in classrooms around the world? What exciting ideas are making waves among educators?

We learn a lot each year from the educators who submit proposals to present…


a teacher looks at a computer screen while grading papers

10 Easy Ways Teachers Can Use ChatGPT


Topics: Artificial intelligence

The OpenAI chatbot known as ChatGPT has the potential to not only enhance in-class learning, but it can also be a time-saving asset for…


A teacher explaining something to two teenage students

What Educators — and Students — Can Learn From ChatGPT


Topics: Artificial intelligence

Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want a robot that can help you write your essay in a fraction of the time?

The question may be rhetorical, but it’s one that has been troubling educators ever since OpenAI’s…


two students at a desk looking down at an iPad while their teacher looks on

ChatGPT: Ban it? No! Embrace it? Yes!


Topics: Artificial intelligence

ChatGPT — an AI-powered chatbot that responds to questions in a detailed and natural way — is causing a stir in the education world.

Because it can write impressive essays, answer almost any question…


a teacher points to something on a laptop while two students look on

ChatGPT for Educators


Topics: Artificial intelligence

In my three decades in education, I’ve come to learn many things. One is that change moves at a snail’s pace until something steps in to challenge the status quo. 

Enter ChatGPT. 



a girl sits at a table in a classroom doing work on a computer tablet

Is AI Ready To Meet the Needs of Learning Recovery?


Topics: Artificial intelligence

Millions of school children walked into their classrooms at the start of the academic year lacking one crucial element that should have set them up for success: the prior knowledge they need in order to take on…


Patty Hagen teaches a PD session in a classroom

Using AI to Support Teacher Coaching


Topics: Artificial intelligence, Edtech coaching

When I became a coach at St. Vrain Valley Schools 10 years ago, I was passionate about supporting early-career teachers. That passion remains today. There’s nothing more…


as a teacher looks on two students program a chatbot

Building AI: Student Creators Meet Artificial Intelligence


Topics: Artificial intelligence, Coding & robotics

Gati Aher already has some ideas about how artificial intelligence could improve her after-school job.

It’s a small business with a heavy focus on marketing, where some employees spend hours each day…


Mike Welsh

Mike Walsh discusses AI, 5G networks and our relationship with tech


Topics: Artificial intelligence, Digital & media literacy

When you want to know what the future holds for your students, Mike Walsh is the go-to guy.

Walsh is the CEO of the very appropriately named consultancy Tomorrow, but his description of his role is more…


Two smiling students work on a robotics project in school

Why Students Should Create With AI Tools


Topics: Artificial intelligence

That student with the heart of the world was born,
My data burns the same stars in a window.

No human would ever mistake these lines for award-winning verse. If…