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Students play video game in school

Design Class Gives Students the Power of Choice


Topics: Coding & robotics

Students in Gina Baragone’s design class may never be expected to code a robot, engineer a 3D-printed roller-coaster or make a stop-motion animated mov­ie in a professional setting. In fact, by the time they…


a young boy uses a tablet in school

ISTE Certified Educator Shares 4 Tips for Teaching With Tech


Topics: Coding & robotics, Online learning

Two weeks before school started, the iPads arrived. Sixth-grade English teacher Laurie Guyon, who had never touched the device before, suddenly found herself in the midst of an exploratory 1:1 pilot. Her…


Two girls code a robotic vehicle

Teach Kindergartners To Code


Topics: Coding & robotics

For today’s pre-kindergartners, learning computer coding is taking its place alongside learning their ABCs.

“We can agree that coding is important, but for children today, it will likely be…


Students code a dance routine.

How To Incorporate Music and Dance Into Lessons


Topics: Coding & robotics, dance, music

Many students love music and dance, and research indicates that learning through music and structured movement is good educational…


as a teacher looks on two students program a chatbot

Building AI: Student Creators Meet Artificial Intelligence


Topics: Artificial intelligence, Coding & robotics

Gati Aher already has some ideas about how artificial intelligence could improve her after-school job.

It’s a small business with a heavy focus on marketing, where some employees spend hours each day…


No device needed to teach kids to code

No Device Needed To Teach Kids To Code


Topics: Coding & robotics, Computational Thinking

Leka DeGroot can relate to teachers who would like to bring coding to their classrooms but just can’t fathom fitting it in.

“Teachers often tell me, ‘It sounds great but I don’t have time, or I don’t have the skills,’ but you don’t have to be a computer scientist to teach coding,”…


Three girls at a laptop

Use Coding to Engage Students in Reading, Writing Lessons


Topics: Coding & robotics, Literacies

It’s easy to think of coding as a skill that applies only to math or science, or to think coding is something not easily taught to the youngest learners. Heidi Williams is busting those myths, proving coding can be applied to reading and writing,…


Kimberly Lane

Educators Should Make Computer Science a Reality for Girls


Topics: Coding & robotics, Computational Thinking, STEM & STEAM

Not long ago, I was a high school student sitting in a classroom wondering how taking a particular class would help me in life.

Luckily, most of the courses I was taking actually complemented what I planned to study in college – computer science.

Even as a child, I was intrigued…


How a 'wildly stupid creative decision' turned this teen into an animator

How a 'wildly stupid creative decision' turned this teen into an animator


Topics: Coding & robotics

Six years ago, a 12-year-old sat frustrated in front of her laptop and decided that she could not animate.
Three years later, she stopped caring and did it anyway.

Hi, that’s me – 18 years old now and fresh out of my final high school exams. Time for me to enter…


A girl and her teacher looking at an iPad

Make Hour of Code a lifelong passion with these free resources


Topics: Coding & robotics, Computational Thinking

Since 2013, more than 650 million students worldwide have participated in the Hour of Code, an international event designed to inspire students