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a girl stands in front of a display of photos of Black leaders

Teaching anti-racism


Topics: anti-racism, digital equity

We’ve reached a watershed moment in racial history. What will educators choose to do with it?

When high school junior Jadyn Page first watched the video of George Floyd’s death at the hands of…


graphic of arms raised high under words "stop racism"

9 resources for teaching anti-racism


Topics: digital equity

How do you nurture anti-racism in children? Can educators and parents teach young people to see past their unconscious bias and ingrained beliefs to truly empathize with peers of color? How can white educators…


A girl uses wi-fi on a bus

5 pandemic-friendly resources for bridging the digital divide


Topics: COVID-19, digital equity, Online learning

If educators have learned anything from the coronavirus outbreak, it’s that digital equity is a complex and moving target. Never has the breadth of the digital divide been more apparent — and never has it been…


a boy at computer with hang on head in frustration

COVID-19 thrusts digital equity to the forefront


Topics: COVID-19, digital equity, ISTE Expert Webinars, Online learning

With millions of students out of school across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, districts everywhere are scrambling to put in place remote learning programs. A big stumbling-block is guaranteeing…


A boy studies at home using a laptop.

7 ways to make remote learning accessible to all students


Topics: Assistive and adaptive technologies, digital equity, Online learning, UDL

Across the nation, equity and accessibility are two of the thorniest issues districts face as they rapidly move toward remote learning. Some states are delaying…


girl helps boys use VR headset

Authentic Inclusion: Focus on design rather than accommodation when using classroom technology


Topics: Assistive technologies, digital equity, Online learning, UDL

Educator Chris Bugaj remembers when his daughter was learning about insects and the environment as a second grader. One day, the assistant principal came to school dressed in a beekeeper’s outfit. He told the…


A student works on a robotics project with her teacher

Equity literacy for STEM educators


Topics: Computational Thinking, digital equity

In the context of STEM education, it is not enough for schools to identify the content and skills needed for K-12 students to become STEM ready. School leaders, STEM educators and educational stakeholders must…


A group of educators in a circle having a discussion.

LGBTQIA educators create a community with EduPrideAlliance


Topics: digital equity, ISTE Expert Webinars

Nancy Jo Lambert didn’t know what to expect when she attended the Equity Action Forum at the ISTE19 conference. And she certainly didn’t expect to leave…


3 educators looking at a laptop

Growing ME: Bridging the equity gap through mentorship 


Topics: digital equity, diversity

In my past position, I offered professional development to new mentor teachers. Research shows us that the number of people entering, and staying in, the teaching field is declining. But what I find even more…


Cheyenne E. Batista

3 steps to dismantle inequities in your school


Topics: digital equity

I have the good fortune of working with talented educators around the country who are committed to centering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their work. In my roles as a former founding school leader…