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A teacher helps a visually impaired student navigate digital content.

Tips for Making Documents Accessible for All Students


Topics: Accessibility, digital equity, Inclusion

Imagine spending hours on a PowerPoint presentation for your class, adding all the pretty colors that will make it pop. You spend extra time squeezing in all the text details and editing to ensure all the…


A boy and his dad do homework together at home

3 Ways To Stay on the Path To Digital Equity


Topics: digital equity

The pandemic has challenged all educators and pushed us further than we ever thought possible. In less than a year, schools and districts launched online programs to meet the needs of students and families.…


A student shows off his plants in a hydroponic garden

6 Ways the Pandemic Transformed Schooling — But Will It Last?


Topics: Assessment, digital equity, Global collaboration, Personalized Learning

After nearly a year and a half of pandemic-related disruption, going back to school this year will look unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And that’s a good thing — or at least it should be. 



A group of teachers in discussion

A New Framework for Activating Equity and SEL in the Classroom


Topics: digital equity, SEL

In my many travels to schools before the pandemic and my countless virtual interactions with educators since, I have come to realize that not all educators teach in districts where…


Teacher Nicole Butler-Hooton connects with her students remotely

Indigenous Teacher Brings Inclusion and Connection to Students


Topics: digital equity

During a unit on African-American history, Nicole Butler-Hooton asked her second-grade students if they had ever seen anyone in real life who looks like her friend Mr. Hale, a Black teacher from Texas. The…


A girl helps a boy with a VR headset

The Hottest Topics in Edtech in 2021


Topics: Digital Citizenship, digital equity, esports, SEL, Virtual & augmented reality

For a few years now, we’ve shared the hottest edtech trends of the year based on the topics resonating with educators at the annual ISTE conference. Although the topics themselves often don’t change much from…


a girl stands in front of a display of photos of Black leaders

Teaching anti-racism


Topics: anti-racism, digital equity

We’ve reached a watershed moment in racial history. What will educators choose to do with it?

When high school junior Jadyn Page first watched the video of George Floyd’s death at the hands of…


a girl stands in front of a wall celebrating Black leaders

10 Resources for Teaching Anti-Racism


Topics: digital equity

How do you nurture anti-racism in children? Can educators and parents teach young people to see past their unconscious bias and ingrained beliefs to truly empathize with peers of color? How can white educators…


A girl uses wi-fi on a bus

5 Ways the Pandemic Improved Equity for Students


Topics: COVID-19, digital equity, Online learning

If educators learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic, it was that digital equity is a complex and moving target. Never before was the breadth of the digital divide more apparent — and never had it been…


a boy at computer with hang on head in frustration

COVID-19 thrusts digital equity to the forefront


Topics: COVID-19, digital equity, ISTE Expert Webinars, Online learning

With millions of students out of school across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, districts everywhere are scrambling to put in place remote learning programs. A big stumbling-block is guaranteeing…