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Help Students Resist Conspiracy Theories


Topics: Digital & media literacy

Anyone who regularly reads the headlines knows that the world can seem like a scary place. But for young people with less life experience than adults — particularly those who they are holed up behind screens —…


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Get Free Digital Literacy Resources — Curated Just for You!


Topics: Digital & media literacy

Teachers, perhaps you can relate to this scenario: 

You recognize that your students could use some help with evaluating information sources for credibility, bias and influence, one important…


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Can Your Students Follow the Clues To Identify Facts and Motives?


Topics: Digital & media literacy

As the pandemic lockdowns began in March 2020 and toilet paper disappeared from store shelves, the Newport, Oregon, Police Department posted this advice on Facebook: “Just don’t call 911. We cannot bring you…


Students in a classroom discuss controversial topics

5 Ways to Bring Ethical Thinking Into the Classroom


Topics: Digital & media literacy, digital ethics

It’s hard to avoid ethics in the classroom. And why would we want to since it is those very discussions that help us all think deeply and critically about our roles in society and the larger world.


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Help Students Become Savvy Media Consumers


Topics: Digital & media literacy, Fake news

In 2016, Stanford History Education Group conducted a study that showed students at the middle…


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How To Teach Information Literacy


Topics: Digital & media literacy, ISTE Expert Webinars, Librarians

As a school librarian and technology specialist, Caitlin McLemore took particular interest in a 2016 study


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From discord to civil discourse: The human side of digital citizenship


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital & media literacy, Digital Citizenship

Gun violence, climate change, immigration, abortion. There seems to be no end to the number of divisive issues that are causing people from all walks of life to lash out in angry ways.

It’s not…


Two girls at school in front of a laptop discuss cyber-bullying incident.

Empowering Digital Citizens With Real-Life Scenarios


Topics: Digital & media literacy, Digital Citizenship

Can digital digital citizenship be taught in a positive way? Sarah Loyola from North Carolina's Ravenscroft School says it can.

When Loyola came to Ravenscroft as its first director of educational…


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Teaching Fact Vs. Fiction When Seeing Is No Longer Believing


Topics: Digital & media literacy, Fake news, Social media

When it comes to media literacy and our collective inability to tell fact from fiction online, there’s a lot of finger-pointing going on.

Take, for example, the widely shared…


Mike Welsh

Mike Walsh discusses AI, 5G networks and our relationship with tech


Topics: Artificial intelligence, Digital & media literacy

When you want to know what the future holds for your students, Mike Walsh is the go-to guy.

Walsh is the CEO of the very appropriately named consultancy Tomorrow, but his description of his role is more…