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Modesto students work on a project at a desk

How Modesto City Schools Boosted Student Learning Outcomes


Topics: ISTE Standards

Coming back to the classroom after the COVID-19 shutdown, Mode­sto City Schools in Northern California wanted to continue its momentum with education technology. A 1:1 district with 32,000 students, Modesto…


two students with iPads discuss an assignment

3 Ways School Leaders Can Support Digital Citizenship


Topics: ISTE Standards

Digital citizenship is everyone’s responsibility, but no one’s authority. That means it can be difficult for school leaders and advocates to implement digital citizenship in a coordinated way. However, one…


A group of students sit together at a table with papers and tablets working on a school project

Before Using School Technology, Know Your Edtech Purpose


Topics: ISTE Standards

The ISTE Standards represent an ambitious framework for using technology for learning, but they are easily achievable when schools and…


Two students in a classroom work on a tablet computer

Create Meaningful Learning Experiences Using the ISTE Standards


Topics: ISTE Standards

As we lean into a new school year, it’s important to think about how educators across all areas — in the classroom, outside of the classroom and in leadership — can engage students. 

You can…


A student looks at a laptop

5 Tips for Checking Student Understanding in a Virtual Classroom


Topics: Assessment, ISTE Certification, ISTE Standards

“I’m staring at a bunch of black screens.”
“I’ve never even met my students in person.”
“If I can’t see them, how can I tell if they’ve learned the material?”

These statements illustrate just a few of the many struggles that educators around the…


ISTE Standards Spotlight

Standards Spotlight: Introduce students to our small, connected world with the Global Collaborator standard 


Topics: ISTE Standards

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing became clear: It truly is a small world and we’re all in this together. That’s why it’s never been more important to provide students with opportunities to con­…


a group of educators in a brainstorming session

Interview: Defining effective edtech use


Topics: ISTE Standards

In the past decade, state policymakers have invested heavily in devices and infrastructure to narrow the digital divide in schools. Many are now recognizing that, to ensure these investments are achieving their…


students in a classroom participate in a livestream of a wildlife safari

Bring a Real Wildlife Safari to Your Classroom


Topics: Global collaboration, ISTE Standards, ISTE Standards for Students

Stacey Moore knew she couldn’t take her 30 Virginia third graders on safari in Africa, so she did the next best thing: She brought the safari to her classroom and connected her students to naturalists who…


Richard Culatta

ISTE CEO: Shaping the future is in our DNA


Topics: digital equity, ISTE Standards, Seal of Alignment

I recently came across the T-shirt I was given when I volunteered at the 30th ISTE conference. In case you’re wondering, it still fits, as does the role ISTE has played in helping me stay ahead of important…


Public Schools of North Carolina logo

North Carolina Adopts the ISTE Standards for Students


Topics: ISTE Standards, ISTE Standards for Students

Decision Will Empower Students and Harness Personalized Learning 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — September 10, 2019 — North Carolina’s State Board of Education recently voted to adopt…