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Two boys sit next to each other at a desk looking joyfully at a computer screen.

How Curiosity, Creativity and Student Agency Unlock Student Learning


Topics: Creativity, Personalized Learning, Student Agency

Long before the pandemic disrupted learning for 1.7 billion students and forever embedded technology into schooling around the globe, it was already clear that education systems were due for an overhaul. 


Three students and a teacher look at something on a tablet computer.

Bring the Magic of Disney to Your Classroom


Topics: Personalized Learning

Disney is known for being the most magical place on Earth and Kaylah Holland wants to replicate that magic in class.

Holland is an instructional technology and blended learning associate for BreakFree Education, a nonprofit that provides training and resources for educators who work with…


Two girls facing each other sitting at a desk in a classroom with an iPad. One girl is wearing headphones.

What's in Your Back-to-School Toolkit?


Topics: Personalized Learning

This is the time of year when kids gather supplies and cram their backpacks with cool new stuff for school. But it seems unfair that students should have all the fun. Teachers need cool new stuff too!


A student shows off his plants in a hydroponic garden

6 Ways the Pandemic Transformed Schooling — But Will It Last?


Topics: Assessment, digital equity, Global collaboration, Personalized Learning

After nearly a year and a half of pandemic-related disruption, going back to school this year will look unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And that’s a good thing — or at least it should be. 



A girl is wearing headphones while using a desktop computer

3 Ways to Accelerate Student-Driven Learning


Topics: Personalized Learning, student-centered learning

Ask Michele Eaton how to accelerate student-driven learning and she will likely mention blended learning, student autonomy and engagement.

Eaton, the director of Warren Online Academy in Indianapolis,…


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Measuring what matters


Topics: Assessment, Personalized Learning

As educators pursue more personalized, student-driven and inquiry-based approaches to learning, one obstacle that continues to rear its head is the inability of widely used assessment models to successfully measure student learning and growth.

Critics say traditional models simply can’t…


Deepening Digital Citizenship

Topics: Assessment, Curriculum, Personalized Learning, Tools

A Guide to Systemwide Policy and Practice

By Carrie Rogers-Whitehead and Vanessa Monterosa

ISBN: 9781564849663

Published: March 2023

Length: 168 pages


3 unexpected ways tech can humanize learning

3 unexpected ways tech can humanize learning


Topics: Personalized Learning

My biggest goal as a teacher is to make every one of my students know how important they are and how invested I am in their learning and well-being. I want students to enjoy learning and to walk out of my classroom with a new level of confidence.

Technology allows me…


Customize learning with Google Forms

Customize learning with Google Forms


Topics: Advocacy, Assessment, Corporate innovation, Education leadership, Personalized Learning, professional learning, Standards

We know that students do not all learn the same way. Some need a great deal of repetition to learn new material while others can see it once and have it down. Some need absolute quiet to learn while others feel uncomfortable with too much stillness. One might prefer reading while another…


3 ways to personalize the learning experience

3 ways to personalize the learning experience


Topics: Personalized Learning

Eric Sheninger believes student agency is one of the most powerful aspects of learning that can be aided by technology. But getting there, and setting the stage for the consistent, effective use of technology, requires a pedagogical shift.

“What we need to do is prepare…