Help your team move from technology integrators to learning catalysts.
Bring ISTE Certification to your district!

Today, all educators must be able to use technology to empower students of every age. Teaching in digital or blended learning environments allows for greater collaboration, transparency of thinking and access to tools to create and publish student work.

With knowledge at our fingertips, the role of the educator is changing, too. Once the purveyor of knowledge, educators are now expected to facilitate students’ knowledge construction and build student agency.

If you’re a veteran digital learning leader, if you’re planning to roll out an instructional technology initiative across your school or district – or both – ISTE Certification can help you build a capable, confident team ready to implement the ISTE Standards and meet the diverse needs of students to prepare them for a technology-powered future.

When you bring ISTE Certification to your district you can:

  • Build a cohort of educators who have the instructional skills to use technology to deepen content learning and build 21st century skills.
  • Showcase the classrooms of your ISTE Certified Educators to inspire peers.
  • Create global connections as your ISTE Certified Educators become part of a community that mentors peers and shares resources.

Here’s what your colleagues will learn:

If you’re interested in bringing an ISTE Certification Authorized Provider to conduct personal, on-site training in your district, let us know!

Available for cohorts of 20 or more.


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