ISTE shares a common goal with a host of organizations: accelerating the use of technology to solve tough problems and inspire innovation in education. Let’s work together to make it happen. Connect your organization to our worldwide network of like-minded leaders within the ISTE Affiliate Network.

Professional opportunities
Professional opportunities

Becoming an ISTE affiliate opens the door to invaluable networking and collaboration opportunities.

Increase impact
Increase impact

Working together, ISTE and our ISTE affiliates strive for organizational excellence to increase the impact on our communities, provide leadership and professional learning for our members, and advocate on behalf of educators.

Explore affiliate directory
Explore affiliate directory

Explore the ISTE affiliate directory to learn about each affiliate.

Joining the ISTE Affiliate Network

ISTE affiliates comprise a vibrant network of nonprofit  organizations that share our mission. We work together to lead the transformation of education in our communities, provide leadership and professional learning for our members, and advocate with and on behalf of educators. 

To join the ISTE Affiliate Network, the organization must: 

  • Be recognized as a nonprofit organization in their respective country.
  • Be aligned to ISTE’s mission of inspiring educators worldwide to use technology to innovate teaching and learning, accelerate good practice and solve tough problems in education.
  • Commit to being an active affiliate and include the ISTE affiliate logo on their website.
  • Serve preservice and/or inservice educators.  

There is no fee associated with becoming an ISTE affiliate.

Once an ISTE affiliate, the organization will have:

  • Access to our new ISTE Affiliate Infohub that includes advocacy tools, association best practices, an affiliate directory and media kit.
  • Direct access to the ISTE Network directory. 
  • Listing of year-round affiliate activities on ISTE event calendar. 
  • Partnership and engagement opportunities with fellow network members.

ISTE affiliates also receive  $10 off of one-year ISTE basic membership for affiliate staff or board members, up to three memberships - $75/each (normally $85). 

To learn more about the ISTE Affiliate Network, please contact

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