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Making Connections with Blogging

Authentic Learning for Today’s Classrooms
Product code: BLOGGR
ISBN: 9781564843128
Published: 2012
Topics: Curriculum, Computational thinking, Digital citizenship, Digital storytelling, Literacies
Audience: Educators, curriculum specialists, technology coordinators
Media type: Paper

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By Lisa Parisi and Brian Crosby

Some students find writing to be a chore. Others write to get an assignment done but don’t put in any extra effort. There’s nothing like blogging to change those attitudes! Students will experience a whole new level of engagement when they are writing for an audience, writing about topics they are interested in, and responding to their classmates’ posts. Bring blogging into your classroom, and your students will not only be excited about their work, they will also develop their writing, reading comprehension, critical thinking, digital citizenship, and communication skills.

Parisi and Crosby show you how you can use blogging with any student as a part of any curriculum— not as an add-on, but as an integrated part of your lessons. Learn step by step how to blog, get ideas for your curriculum area, and understand how to manage blogging in the classroom. Get your students blogging, and change how learning happens.


An introduction and overview to student blogging, from choosing platforms to managing the classroom; help with blogging throughout the curriculum, including ideas for language arts, math, science, health, music, and more; chapters on standards, assessment, and safety and etiquette help you effectively integrate blogging into your classroom

Product Reviews:
If you were looking for a book to get you started with using a blog in your classroom, this is the book for you. —Moving to the Front of the Class