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Digital Connections in the Classroom

Product code: DIGONN
ISBN: 9781564843166
Published: 2012
Topics: Digital citizenship, Literacies
Audience: Educators, library media specialists, curriculum specialists, administrators, teacher educators
Media type: Paper

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David Marcovitz

The internet has become ubiquitous. It is where we go to get information, to connect, to collaborate, to share, and to create. Students and teachers can use the internet to do all of these things, and when it is effectively integrated into lessons and activities, it can be an incredible force for learning and teaching. Although the internet is ingrained in our daily lives, knowing how to effectively use it in the classroom is something educators have to learn, practice, and refine. With Digital Connections in the Classroom , you’ll get a foundational look at the internet and a better understanding of how you can use it to promote learning.

Marcovitz dedicates each chapter to an important area of internet use in the classroom, including critical information literacy, telecollaborative projects, web 2.0, search engines, and digital citizenship. Get an overview of each topic, learn how to incorporate them into your lessons, and find great ideas for activities. You will come away with a better understanding of how to harness the internet in your classroom and prepare your students with the digital age skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

A comprehensive overview of the internet as it relates to education and classroom integration; information and classroom integration ideas for critical information literacy, web 2.0, Wikipedia, search engines, copyright, and more; concludes with a chapter on web design instruction