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Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators

Product code: DIGSTO
ISBN: 9781564842596
Published: 2010
Topics: Literacies, Digital storytelling
Audience: Educators(K–12), administrators, curriculum specialists, teacher educators
Media type: Paper
Length: 158 Pages

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By Midge Frazel

Storytelling is an age-old art form. With Web 2.0 and the tools already available on most computers, students can use text, music, sound effects, videos, and more to create a multimedia presentation that links them to the world beyond the classroom. Storytelling has the potential to unleash creativity, engage, and motivate. Applicable across the curriculum, digital storytelling teaches students to work collaboratively and use new technologies, skills they will be required to have in the workforce of the future.

This book offers an overview of digital storytelling as well as its variations, including e-portfolios, digital photo essays, and scrapblogs. The many recommendations, overviews, and explanations of digital storytelling tools, along with lists of additional digital storytelling resources, will help educators to apply this exciting technology in their classrooms. Educators will also discover the ways digital storytelling can be used for their own professional development. Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators provides detailed directions to preparation, production, and presentation, and rounds out with a discussion on creating rubrics and evaluating student work. Readers will come away with an understanding of digital stories and the tools needed to create them.


  • Assessment rubrics for each stage of digital storytelling
  • Aligns digital storytelling to the NETS for Students
  • Each chapter includes a list of resources and links

Product Reviews:
"Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators is aptly titled. It is your 'guide'….Novice and veteran educators/digital storytellers will equally benefit from this book. Given the wealth of information and resources cited, it’s an essential book for all digital storytellers." —Digital Learning Environments