ISTE Seal of Alignment

Educators already trust ISTE to help them achieve their curricular goals while integrating technology effectively into learning and teaching. Now they can turn to the ISTE Seal of Alignment to find high-quality products and services aligned to the globally recognized ISTE Standards.

The ISTE Seal of Alignment program reviews and recognizes resources for their alignment to the ISTE Standards. Products and services submitted to the program undergo a rigorous review by a panel of standards experts and are evaluated based on the extent to which they build the skills embodied in the standards indicators.

Three levels of recognition

Resources submitted to the Seal of Alignment program are eligible to earn one of the following types of seals:

Readiness: For resources that focus on learning to use technology and that help build the foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standards.
Proficiency: For resources that offer a flexible implementation plan and provide opportunities to practice the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the ISTE Standards.
Mastery: For resources that incorporate ISTE Standards-aligned learning objectives as well as specified implementation plans and that have embedded tools for measuring performance skills.

Earn a Seal of Alignment

Establish your resource as a leader in digital age education and gain a competitive advantage within your target market by earning the Seal of Alignment.

Earn a seal

Meet the Seal of Alignment reviewers

ISTE’s Seal of Alignment review team is made up of leaders and experts from the fields of education and technology. They boast a wide range of experience and content matter expertise and share a deep understanding of, and passion for, the ISTE Standards.

Meet the review team

ISTE Standards Seal of Alignment